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Arctic Refuge Protected, Again!

The U.S. District Court rules that oil and gas exploration is not allowed on the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The court’s decision shuts down the most recent attempt by the State of Alaska to open the Coastal Plain to damaging oil and gas activities.

Press Release: Court Victory for Wilderness in the Arctic Refuge

Press Release: Court victory for wilderness in the Arctic Refuge

Arctic Refuge Welcomes Trustees for Alaska

In June 2015 several Trustees for Alaska board members and donors traveled to the Aichilik River Valley in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

President Obama Recommends Wilderness for the Arctic Refuge

President Obama announced in late January his plans to recommend Wilderness for 12.28 million acres of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including the…

Arctic Refuge Threatened Again: Alaska Brief Newsletter – July 2014

Dear Supporter: Once again, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is under threat. And once again, Trustees for Alaska is going to court…

Trustees Works to Protect the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge

Trustees for Alaska is going to court once again to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and its Coastal Plain. This time,…

Alaska’s largest Arctic lake threatened

The Trump administration intends to undermine protections to public lands vital to wildlife and the health of the Arctic by opening them…

Interior disregards human rights in rush to lease Refuge

Officials from the Interior Department set up meetings in Kaktovik, Utgiagvik, Fairbanks and Anchorage to advance their agenda of leasing the Arctic…

Climate change puts Arctic communities in peril

Whether living in the Arctic or an urban center in the Lower 48, we all have a stake in the health of…

Feds put pristine Arctic at risk

America’s Arctic is at risk.