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Celebrate the Arctic Refuge!

  “Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small, Was singing! Without any presents at all!” –Dr. Seuss, “How the…

Drill bill threatens the Arctic Refuge

Trustees’ attorney Suzanne Bostrom talked to reporters yesterday about the substance of the proposed legislation to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.…

Trump administration targets Arctic Refuge again

The Trump administration has once again targeted the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil, this time skirting the law by pushing for…

Breaking news: Congress uses budget to drill Arctic Refuge

  What is special interests’ latest attempt to push oil and gas drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge? Using the budget…

Feds put pristine Arctic at risk

America’s Arctic is at risk.

See polar bears in the wild!

Observing wild polar bears in their natural habitat is truly a remarkable experience. Now, you can join a trip exclusively offered by…

What’s at stake in new political climate

A political tsunami will wash over the country on inauguration day. We don’t yet know what the damage will be, but we…

Trustees’ Polar Bear Trip Was an Enlightening Adventure

Trustees supporters, Board and staff traveled to Kaktovik to observe polar bears in the wild.

See Polar Bears with Trustees for Alaska

Trustees is offering the trip of a lifetime to see polar bears in the wild.

Arctic Refuge Visit Inspired by Original Advocates

40 years after meeting Mardy Murie, Vance Carruth visits the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with Trustees for Alaska.