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Donuts and bears don’t mix

It sounds sketchy because it is—using spotlights in dens to kill grizzly sows with cubs, wolves with cubs, or using donuts to…

Protect bears, wolves now!

Two Alaskans made the news last month after lying about unlawfully killing a female bear and her cubs. One of the headlines…

McNeil bears need your help

Our legal director Valerie Brown spent time sharing the wild with bears this summer. Now she invites you to help help protect…

Sharing the wild with bears

Our legal director Valerie Brown just spent some time sharing the wild with bears. Here she talks about how the proposed Pebble…

There’s a bear behind you!

  Running into a bear can turn into the story of a lifetime. Running into a bear 30 times over can turn…


New Regulations Protect Predators on Wildlife Refuges

The Fish and Wildlife Service adopted new sport hunting regulations for National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. The rule bans practices promoted by the Alaska State Board of Game to reduce populations of wolves and bears. This is a significant win for Alaska’s wildlife.


Predators Protected by New Regulations on National Preserves

The National Park Service adopts new sport hunting regulations in Alaska’s national preserves that ban unbearable methods like bear baiting and killing wolves during denning.