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2015 Conservation Victories: The Year in Review

Trustees for Alaska achieved many victories for conservation during 2015 including protection of the Arctic Refuge, Pebble permits ruled unconstitutional, predators protected, and many more.

Mining News Update

Alaska Miners Association’s Bridge to Fishermen Falls Flat Early in November, the Alaska Miners Association (AMA) held their week-long annual convention. An…

Mixed Victory for Salmon on the Chuitna River

Chuitna Citizens Coalition was granted one of its three requested water rights on Middle Creek, an important tributary, and salmon spawning and rearing habitat, of the Chuitna River, where PacRim wants to strip mine for coal.


Arctic Shipping Issues Heating Up

Climate change is the biggest environmental issue of our time. A recent conference focused on development pressure in the Arctic, but did not address the impacts and how they will be addressed, especially in relation to global climate change.


Protecting Salmon Streams from Chuitna Coal Mine

At the headwaters of a tributary to the Chuitna River, called Middle Creek, is one of the most significant salmon and climate…


Instream Flow Reservations for Chuitna River Watershed

On October 15, 2013, the Superior Court ruled that the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) failed to follow the law when…

Court Agrees State of Alaska Not Protecting Chuitna Salmon

In victory for salmon, the Alaska Superior Court ruled that the Department of Natural Resources violated its own rules by denying Alaskans’…

Groups Warn That Healy Coal Plant Cannot Operate Without New Clean Air Act Permit

Plant must control dangerous air emissions Conservation and ratepayers groups today issued a warning to the Golden Valley Electric Association and the…