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Court Reaffirms Coal Mining Win for Matanuska Valley Residents

The court reaffirmed its earlier decision that stale, decades-old coal mining permits cannot stand, ensuring that any mining at Wishbone Hill will have to protect neighborhoods, watersheds, and wildlife.

Court Rules that Coal Mine Permits Expire Automatically

In a decision that protects the Matanuska Valley and its residents, the Court ruled that permits for the Wishbone Hill Coal mine expired and that an agency decision finding that they were valid was incorrect.

Press Release: Wishbone Hill Permit Invalid

The US District Court ruled that the Wishbone Hill 25-year permit for Wishbone Hill is invalid.

Wishbone Hill Expired Mining Permit Challenged

Trustees for Alaska gave oral argument in a case challenging Usibelli Coal Mine’s expired permit at the proposed Wishbone Hill strip mine in the Matanuska Valley.