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Protect bears, wolves now!

Two Alaskans made the news last month after lying about unlawfully killing a female bear and her cubs. One of the headlines…

Protections for Alaska bears and wolves at risk

  Two memos from the Department of Interior may undo years of work and public comment that helped shape wildlife regulations in…


Interns on the issues: Does Alaska view wolves as vermin or vital species?

Our summer interns, Kat, Catherine and Hannah, have already jumped into legal research and writing—and into Alaska’s wilderness. This summer, they will write…


Predator control in Alaska

  “You can’t let nature run wild: predator control in Alaska” by Peter Van Tuyn was first published on the American College…


Keeping the wild in wildlife

  March 31, 2017 update Court allows 15 groups to have a voice in Safari Club lawsuit The U.S. District Court ruled…


Conservation groups join lawsuits on predator control

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 8, 2017 Contacts: Pat Lavin, Alaska Representative, Defenders of Wildlife,, 907-276-9410 Jim Adams, Alaska Regional Director,…


New Regulations Protect Predators on Wildlife Refuges

The Fish and Wildlife Service adopted new sport hunting regulations for National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. The rule bans practices promoted by the Alaska State Board of Game to reduce populations of wolves and bears. This is a significant win for Alaska’s wildlife.


2015 Conservation Victories: The Year in Review

Trustees for Alaska achieved many victories for conservation during 2015 including protection of the Arctic Refuge, Pebble permits ruled unconstitutional, predators protected, and many more.

Predators Protected by New Regulations on National Preserves

The National Park Service adopts new sport hunting regulations in Alaska’s national preserves that ban unbearable methods like bear baiting and killing wolves during denning.


40 Years of Defending Alaska – 1974-2014

1974-1984: The First Decade Beirne Homestead Initiative Trustees for Alaska challenged the constitutionality of the Beirne Homestead Initiative, which would have given…