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Ninth Circuit Hears Sturgeon v. Frost Hovercraft Case Again

In October 2016, the Ninth Circuit heard argument in a case challenging the National Park Service’s authority to protect Alaska’s national parks by regulating activities on navigable waters within parks.


Eastern Interior Plan Protects Important Areas

In July 2016, BLM released its Eastern Interior plan, which includes protections for important natural areas and cultural values.

America’s Best Idea, the National Parks, Turns 100

Trustees for Alaska’s Staff Attorney Katie Strong shares why national parks are important to her as the National Park System turns 100.

New Regulations Protect Predators on Wildlife Refuges

The Fish and Wildlife Service adopted new sport hunting regulations for National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. The rule bans practices promoted by the Alaska State Board of Game to reduce populations of wolves and bears. This is a significant win for Alaska’s wildlife.


Recreational Snow Machining in our National Parks

Wrangell-St. Elias, is considering allowing recreational snow machining in the park, including Wilderness. ANILCA does not include recreational snow machine use in parks.


National Parks Are Important to Alaska

CLIENT PERSPECTIVE: Jim Adams, the Alaska Region Director of the National Parks Conservation Association talks about our work to protect Alaska’s national parks.


Response Brief Filed in the Izembek Appeal

Brief filed in the legal battle to keep Izembek Refuge protected from a proposed road through Wilderness.


US Supreme Court Decides Not to Decide in Sturgeon Hovercraft Case

The Supreme Court vacated the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Sturgeon v. Frost but declined to rule on any of the other legal arguments made by the parties. The case now goes back to the Ninth Circuit.


Press Release: US Supreme Court Remands Yukon-Charley Case

Press Release: US Supreme Court remands question of the National Park Service’s authority to manage its waterways to the Ninth Circuit.


U.S. Supreme Court Hears National Parks Case

The U.S. Supreme Court heard argument in Sturgeon v. Frost, a case challenging the National Park Service’s authority to protect Alaska’s National Parks by regulating boating on rivers within parks.