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We take federal and state agencies to court and win. Recent lawsuits include suing multiple agencies for violating the Freedom of Information Act, and suing the Department of the Interior for negotiating an illegal land swap deal aimed at putting public lands into private hands. We also act on unlawful agency actions on the proposed Pebble mine and drilling in the Arctic. Sign the petition now to stay informed on how to protect the Arctic Refuge.

Recent Posts

Two “under the radar” projects that threaten the Arctic (10/17/2019) - Two projects - the Ambler road and the Willow oil and gas extraction proposals - would dramatically diminish the health of Arctic communities, wildlife, and natural places. The public comment periods for both projects’ draft environmental impact statements end Oct. 29. Now is the time to act to stop the degradation of Alaska’s Arctic. Photo courtesy Jayme Dittmar Though geographically distinct, both proposals would disrupt caribou migrations, destroy wildlife habitat, pollute waterways and land, degrade and reduce access to traditional… Read More