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In court and coalitions, we work to protect salmon, caribou, migratory birds, clean water, sacred lands, public lands, and all the natural places and systems necessary for the health of wildlife and human life. These efforts include going to court to stop the proposed Pebble mine and preventing further oil drilling in the Arctic. Sign the petition now to join the movement to protect the Arctic Refuge.

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The national rebellion against racism (6/4/2020) - We are called today, June 4, to a National Day of Mourning, as a memorial service was held for George Floyd in Minneapolis. Like many of you, we have witnessed and supported the national rebellion against the systemic and racist police brutality that murdered George Floyd last month and that has killed Black, Brown, and Indigenous People for centuries. Breonna Taylor was killed when police barged into her home with a “no knock warrant” and shot her multiple times in… Read More