Reducing the causes and consequences of climate change

Alaskans know climate change. Temperatures have warmed twice as fast as the global average and the Arctic Ocean now has less sea ice than at any time in recent geologic history. The resulting flooding and erosion threaten the livability of many coastal communities—most of them Native villages.

Coal mining, and oil and gas drilling in Alaska contributes to even more greenhouse gas emissions. The cycle of continuing melting permafrost and sea ice leads to more extreme weather, ocean acidification, insect infestations, and changes in the migration patterns of animals. Subsistence users depend on those animals for food. Trustees uses the law to decrease and mitigate the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and address the impacts of climate change on wildlife, rural Alaskans and Alaska Native people.

Our latest climate change work
  • Trustees works to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
  • Trustees supports rural communities in safeguarding the animals subsistence users rely on for food.
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