Preventing harm to Alaska’s coast and marine areas

Alaska has more coastline than all the contiguous states combined. These marine areas support robust fisheries that feed people around the world. Alaska wild salmon fisheries can only thrive when the oceans where they live part of their lives stay healthy.

Alaska marine waters provide a home to unique northern animals as well, such as beluga whales, walrus, ringed seals, and polar bears. They provide essential subsistence resources for Alaska Native people. Overfishing, habitat decline, oil spills, boat traffic, mining, and oil and gas drilling threaten these marine areas. Trustees offers its legal expertise to the preservation of healthy marine areas.

Our latest Marine Ecosystems program work includes:
  • Trustees works to achieve permanent protection for Bristol Bay from offshore oil and gas development.
  • Trustees works to protect the Northern Bering Sea from bottom trawling.
  • Trustees fights to protect Cook Inlet beluga whales.
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